IN alumni performs speech, mom recalls beginnings


Simeon award r

We recently received this email from a St Joe mom and are excited to share the great news.

“At Simeon’s school, each fifth grader must memorize a declamation (short speech) about 3 minutes long.  They are required to stand in front of the class and present it. The three fifth grade teachers selected the top 20 of the 90 fifth graders and had them perform it again in front of an audience. Simeon made the top 20 and then the top 12. His declamation was titled “Jack’s Big Headache”. Once making the top 12, the students performed it for a panel of judges and all the fourth/fifth graders in the school.

Simeon’s declamation was a satire and contained puns and jokes. I watched him perform his declamation and couldn’t be prouder. He was the only student with a hearing impairment and when I reflected on how far we’ve come and how hard he’s worked, it brought a tear to my eye. For him to hit the jokes appropriately, with proper pitch and intonation was amazing to see. In my eyes, he worked so much harder then some of his peers but he takes it in stride.

It reminds me of his first days at St. Joe’s and his first program. It was the Christmas program, he was a sheep and his line was “baaaa!” I was as proud then as I am now! He didn’t place in the top three to get a medal but he’s first place for me!”

We are too.  Thanks for sharing this amazing story of accomplishment and perseverance.