My Kid Has Head Lice! What Next?

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Yup – it’s cold outside but warm and cozy inside your child’s hat……that they traded with their BFF. What happens if your kid comes home with that dreaded orange paper indicating an outbreak? Our audiologist, Dr Liz Au.D, CCC-A has some great advice for parents battling this unpleasant but super common problem. “The products used for this hairy (heh heh) problem really do the trick but they can cause problems for devices,” she warns. “Taking a few precautions before you begin the treatment can save you time and money down the road”. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Try to keep hair pulled back.  If you are in the manual de-lousing stage, keep other sections away from the device.  Clips, rubber bands, etc will help.
  2. Remove the device during applications of liquid treatments like oils, creams or shampoos.  “These items work well on the lice but they can gum up microphones, processors or other parts of the equipment,” says Dr Liz.
  3. Get some on the device and you were being sooo careful?  “Give us a ring and we’ll help figure it out,” she offers.  “I promise you, there’s nothing we haven’t seen in a hearing aid or cochlear implant.  It’s way better than trying to repair equipment when we might have been able to easily address it upfront.  Don’t be shy about asking.”

Need help?  Give us a call at 314-918-1369.  Good luck and know others are battling this problem too!