National Family Literacy Day Nov 1st


Reading with a child is a wonderful experience –  everyone is all cuddled up and sharing the pictures, the words, and the story.  Lead Early Interventionist Michelle Graham, MA, LSL Cert AVeD, has some affirming words about this activity. “Reading with your child gives them information to the world around them. They learn pre literacy skills, rhyming patterns, identification of intonation patterns, print awareness, vocabulary, language, and turn taking. While reading to your child, read the words on the page and also talk about the pictures”.  She offers this tip to help make it even more meaningful. “Asking questions and giving more information using techniques of auditory bombardment and acoustic highlighting.  Children learn turn taking skills while participating in storytime as they listen to their parents read aloud, comprehend the information and make a comment noting something in the story or picture or asking and answering questions”. So, parents ….. use this opportunity to provide experiences with new vocabulary words, labeling, explaining, and defining as a child relates to the story.  No money to buy books or someone enjoyed the heck outta the book and it’s torn?  No problem!  Parents can make homemade picture books for their child about their outings or events that include pictures of the child themselves and family and friends. These books are concrete examples of vocabulary, language and experiences that your child has in their everyday routines and can be centered around topics of dinnertime, birthday parties, or going to the zoo.  On this day and every day, read to your kids!