Older Children and Study Skills…an SLP’s perspective.


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Did you know St Joe’s works with older kids on specific tasks? “I love working with teens,” says Jeanne F, MSDE, MS, SLP-CCC, CED, LSLS Cert AVEd, speech therapist for 15 years. “I love my babies but older students have schedules, essays, timetables of their own. I love seeing them invested in their academic future, it’s one of the highlights of my job.” She continues,”Older kids come with their own agenda of what they want to improve on and it’s just as important as their IEP goals. Today we’re working on time management – an area all of us can use help! Helping teens develop good study habits and dedicating blocks of time will pay off for literally years as they move through high school, into college and their careers. Sometimes, it’s just being realistic of how much time a task takes, including the particular subject a kid may be struggling with. It’s helping them be a better version of themselves while teaching them about their strengths and their weaknesses. All in all, it’s helping them navigate their world better and I couldn’t ask for a better task to complete!”