Many parents have a goal of their children attending their local neighborhood school. SJI’s Mainstream Services can assist with student transition from the SJI preschool program into a mainstream school environment. Because students who are DHH can be so unique, sometimes the only student with hearing loss in their entire school, continued specialized support can help curate success.

Our Mainstream Specialist works with local professionals to assess student needs, develop goals and accommodations, and provide services for students—including auditory skills, social and self-advocacy skills, and academic performance.

The SJI Mainstream Specialist can also provide training and support for professionals in such areas as basic speech acoustics, assessing students with hearing loss, acoustic environment, advocacy expectations, incorporating accommodations, and listening and spoken language development strategies.

For more resources or information regarding students who aredeaf or hard of hearing in a mainstream environment, please contact our Mainstream Coordinator, Kelsey Large, by e-mailing her at