Please Welcome Our New Director of St Louis Operations, Cheryl Broekelmann

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St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf (SJI) is pleased to announce that Cheryl Broekelmann, MA, LSLS Cert. AVEd, has been named Director of the St. Louis Operations of St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf. In this role, she will lead the program activities of the Molloy Family Center, the Pediatric Audiology Clinic and Ihear Internet Speech Therapy. SJI recently centralized these programs in a new, easily accessible location at 1300 Strassner in Brentwood, MO.

Cheryl joined SJI in 1978 and has served in a variety of roles including Teacher, Coordinator of the Preschool Program, Supervisor of Preschool and Lower School, Early Childhood Program Director, iHear Program Coordinator, and most recently, Director of iHear Internet Therapy and Early Intervention. She has a BA in Deaf Education and an MA in Education, Early Childhood Administration from Fontbonne University and is certified as a teacher and deaf educator in Missouri and a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Certified Auditory-Verbal Educator through the AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language Academy.

She has served as a Lecturer at Fontbonne University and a presenter at numerous professional conferences as well as an author and co-author of articles published in journals such as Volta Voices, Volta Review, and ASHA Leader.

“Cheryl’s extensive expertise in listening and spoken language development for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, her tenure with SJI, as well as her skills as a leader and manager make her the ideal candidate for this important role,” said Teri Ouellette, LSLS Cert AVEd, President of St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf.