iHear Services for Children 3-18 Years

school districts

We partner with school districts across the country to provide therapy to help a child meet his/her IEP (individualized education plan) goals. SJI uses a coaching model to help the school professional develop skills to teach their student based on listening and spoken language instructions directed by an iHear therapist.

With iHear, school districts have the power to:

  • Connect with internationally recognized therapists at St. Joseph Institute – trained in developing spoken language through listening – in a convenient and cost-effective manner
  • Receive individualized, flexible therapy based on the student’s availability throughout the day- even before school begins or after school dismisses
  • Monitor the child’s progress through regular feedback and coaching with the iHear therapist
  • Collaborative lesson planning to ensure that not only are your student’s needs being met but you are learning a strategy that you can use after your iHear session.
  • Time to observe the iHear educator/therapist use a strategy for your student
  • Time to practice the new strategy
  • Have time to reflect on how well the strategy is working for your student
  • Receive feedback from your iHear educator/therapist
  • Receive quarterly reports based on IEP goals and objectives.
  • Receive standardized evaluations in the area of receptive and expressive language every six months.
  • Create ongoing exercises and activities, between sessions, to maximize the child’s therapy

“We have struggled to meet the needs of our student who has a hearing impairment…cochlear implant. There was a period of time when we were really concerned. He was not making the gains that he needed to make to be successful in the classroom. All the traditional methods that we had tried were not successful. We were able to become a part of the iHear program and we have seen our student just make leaps and bounds.”

School District Administrator

Each iHear lesson consists of:

  • Pre-session email or phone conference to inform the school district instructor on the lesson plan and the goals targeted within the session. School district instructors will also receive any handouts for the session and a list of manipulatives and materials needed.
  • The online session- iHear therapists will collaborate with the school district instructor to help the child reach his/her IEP goals based on the lesson discussed in the pre-session preparation
  • Post-session email containing follow up activities to reinforce the lesson until the next session. If sessions are daily post session updates occur twice a week with verbal instructions at the end of the session.
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