It’s time for…the Educator sez! This post addresses parent questions or helps clarify concepts. Today’s post comes from SJI’s Speech Therapist, Ms Anna CCC-SLP. She wants you to know about the awesomeness of bubbles as a tool for…well…everything!

“Bubbles might be one of my favorite tools with kids ages 0-8yrs. 99% of kids of every ability love them so they are highly motivated when you bring them out. When you do, take a minute to encourage vocalization. Ask them what they want and wait for them to say “open”. Model the word if you need to. When you do get the lid off, look at this mom who is counting down to blowing the bubbles. “1, 2, 3….(and look at them, waiting to see if they will say something)….blow!” This will increase those wait time responses and help them have conversations later. When they are popping the bubbles with their fingers (hello, fine and gross motor development), you can say “pop the bubbles…ooops there’s some more bubbles to pop.” P, B, and M are some of the first letters kids produce so this is great practice. Finally, bigger kids can work breath control by blowing the bubbles themselves. All that benefit for just $0.98. It simply can’t be beat for language work that is way fun too!”

We suddenly want bubbles too! Not headed to the store today? No problem – get out the cheap dishwashing liquid and add a few drops of glycerin or corn syrup. Start the fun!!