Parent Stories

When we walked into St. Joe’s, we knew we had found our new home. I’ll never forget what they said to us. I sat down at the table, and they said, “We will figure out how she learns, and that is how we will teach her.”

Kathy, Monica's Mom

When Freddie first started St. Joseph Institute, he had been implanted for one year and 3 months. He could only say ‘uh-oh’ and ball. Now he speaks fluent, long sentence structures and loves singing and bossing everyone around. He knows the parts of his implants and can advocate for when they are not working, need a new battery, or need re-attached. This is a lot of work for a four-year-old, and we are forever grateful to have the resources and support of St. Joseph Institute at our fingertips. If not, our story would look much different.
Suzanne, Freddie's Mom

She looked at her – not her file – talked and played with her and actually listened to what we were saying. We were thrilled – somebody was going to give her a fighting chance.

Madeline's Mom

Not long after our meeting, a colleague of my mom’s, Jill Nowak, who had previously worked for St. Joe’s, told my mom that Lars would not miss a step developmentally because of his hearing disability and that St. Joe’s would see to it.  She was right.

Lars's Mom

Auston will be able to attend any school he wants, participate in anything he wants because of the early intervention of the programs of St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf.

Auston's Mom

When the weight was too much to bear on our own St. Joseph’s Institute for the Deaf came alongside us and gave us a gift of their own by helping us carry what felt like an impossibly heavy burden.

Katrina, Kallie's Mom

At only a “listening age” of not even two years old, our daughter, who entered St. Joseph with no spoken language, now sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and she tells us the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.

Molly, Madeline W's Mom