Monica’s Story

When we walked into St. Joe’s, we knew we had found our new home. I’ll never forget what they said to us. I sat down at the table, and they said, “We will figure out how she learns, and that is how we will teach her”.Kathy, Monica's Mom

Madeline’s Story

She looked at her – not her file – talked and played with her and actually listened to what we were saying. We were thrilled – somebody was going to give her a fighting chance.Madeline's Mom

Abby’s Story

When we walked into St Joe’s that morning, we quickly observed and felt the family atmosphere…they offered us a cup of coffee and of course asked to hold the baby. It was so personal. It felt like home. Anyone who has experienced a diagnosis of any sort just wants a plan. We left that first hour-long session as St. Joe’s with a plan. As soon as we left, I cancelled all the other appointments I had scheduled. St. Joe’s was the place for us. Hannah, Abby's Mom