As more families choose to pursue advanced amplification options coupled with listening and spoken language, professionals in related fields may need support to understand and address the needs of their students in a constantly changing environment. Since SJI professionals specialize only in this aspect of the field, we can supply that support through consulting, coaching, and even mentoring relationships either in person, or through iHear. Call us to see how we can help  314-918-1369.

Areas where we might lend support would include:

  • Self-assessment: helping professionals pin-point potential areas for professional growth
  • Student assessment: understanding the resources and processes relative to assessing functional auditory skills and how they affect other types of assessment
  • Environmental assessment: identifying classroom environment concerns relative to auditory access and options to address them
  • Developing auditory skills: identifying and understanding resources and processes such as functional auditory assessment, teaching discrimination, identification, and comprehension of speech sounds, localization, listening in noise, listening to recorded or automated voice
  • Equipment management: supporting resources in management of cochlear implants, BAHAS (Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids), hearing aids, FM (frequency modulation) systems, and coupling other technology
  • Advocacy: providing resources to support recommendations for students and programs