It was a French laywoman who first made the first gift to St Joseph and set our mission in motion.

Felicite’ Duras, a Countess, was greatly moved by a letter from Bishop Rosati, the first Bishop of St. Louis. He asked for sisters who would undertake instruction of deaf-mutes. She offered Mother St John Fontbonne, mother superior of the French based CSJs, funds to defray the expense of establishing a community of Sisters of St. Joseph in St. Louis. This act of faith created the very first supporter of St Joseph Institute (SJI) and subsequent supporters have helped our mission move forward.

For 180 years, supporters have helped us reach more children who need us. With listening and spoken language skills, children can enter mainstream school, attend the college of their choice and continue into careers they excel in. It is only through the dedication of our supporters that this miracle can occur. Our supporters consist of Board members, staff, former families and more. They give because they believe in the power of this education and the marked difference it can make for a lifetime.

What began as a request from a Countess has morphed into decades of giving. We are blessed with passionate, dedicated individuals who pour their heart and soul into our mission. It is only because of these individuals that our mission succeeds today.