St. Louis Area

Leaders since 1837

Armed with nearly two centuries of experience, we’re proud to provide forward-thinking services for children with hearing loss in St. Louis and the surrounding areas.  An international leader in Listening and Spoken Language (LSL), our staff of Deaf Educators, Speech Therapists, Audiologists, and LSL Educators help children and their families move forward after a diagnosis of hearing loss.  Our holistic and family-focused approach translates to hundreds of children entering our highly communicative society as full members.  

Birth to three

Early intervention services, bringing our deaf educators to your living room, or wherever you may be, to teach you, alongside your child, so that the speech therapy continues in your day-to-day life, long after the session.

toddler class

The toddler class meets three half-day sessions a week for children ages two to three. Providing the opportunity for peer interaction, the toddler class is where play meets learning. With a wide range of subjects such as math, singing, movement, and pretend play, toddlers build critical cognitive and social skills in listening and language-enriched environments.


Preschool meets five half-days a week, with two-, three- and five-day options available for families. SJI provides individual and group speech therapy, as well as focusing on cognition and socialization to meet all of a child's individual needs and build a foundation for future academic success.


Our pediatric on-site audiology clinic serves children birth to seventeen. From initial diagnosis to monitoring for equipment function for best success in the classroom and extracurriculars, we will work with you to ensure the best amplification to meet your goals.

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