We are proud to be the only specialty school in Indiana focusing on early listening and spoken language education to deaf and hard of hearing children.

Our school provides children ages three to eight the opportunity to develop their voice. Our classrooms are anything but quiet. All around, children bustle about, learning, growing – and yes, talking. St. Joseph Institute works with children who are deaf and hard of hearing to help them develop spoken language and get ready to succeed – in school and in life. It’s a scenario many parents can’t imagine when they first learn their child is deaf or hard of hearing. But, it’s a scenario of success, accomplishment and outright joy that happens at our school every day

As with any preschool, St. Joseph Institute’s preschool and early elementary program is filled with colorful crafts, exciting field trips, fascinating stories and more. Behind all of this fun and typical learning, however, is a rich, language-based program that is uniquely designed to help kids’ develop listening and spoken language skills, as well as their confidence and social skills.

Our students also receive daily individual speech, language and auditory therapy from our specialized speech language pathologists and professional teachers. This therapy is aimed at helping them close the language gap between themselves and their hearing peers, some of whom attend preschool with them!

We welcome tours of our school – call us today at (317) 471-8560.