Birth to Three

The Parents’ Role as Coach

You play a valuable role in your child’s iHear program, as partner to your iHear therapist and coach to your child. You will be learning with your child, and be empowered to coach him or her as the program progresses. We’re here to support you as your child’s first teacher of language!

What does it mean to be a coach?

You’ll be present in each of your child’s iHear sessions, learning from the therapist, and gathering tips on things to look for, how to encourage your child in the learning process, and how to continue learning activities in between sessions. Your therapist will rely on you to share successes, or bring forth any concerns or challenges you may be having. Through this hands-on approach, you’ll learn valuable practices and habits to maximize your child’s therapy.

iHear in the home…

Your coaching will include support and guidance accessing items already in your home to assist with your child’s iHear therapy, as well as activities that you can incorporate into your everyday routines. These activities may involve your entire family, or select members you choose. We can custom tailor a program for your family that will work with your needs and lifestyle, and help advise on various issues relating to iHear that affect your home and family.

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