St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf delivers exceptional listening and spoken language solutions for children with hearing loss, reflecting the charism of the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet.


We strive to be the preeminent resource for children with hearing loss and their families.

Together … We are More

We are pleased to announce that the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis Province has transferred sponsorship of their educational institutions to the newly established St. Joseph Educational Ministries (SJEM). The CSJ motto of “Together … we are more” is alive in St. Joseph Educational Ministries, as the sisters have come together with their educational ministries to continue our Catholic based mission in this new way. Click Here to learn more.



The Sisters of St Joseph opened the first school for the deaf west of the Mississippi River in Carondelet, MO. In its first year, it served all children who needed help.  Later that year, they only those with hearing loss.


The Ephpheta Society was founded to help fund St Joseph Institute.  It was one of the first volunteer organizations in St Louis. 


SJI formally embraced the oral method fully at its new location at 82nd Blvd. in University City, MO.


Rubella outbreaks among pregnant women, increasing numbers of children who are born deaf and filling SJI’s dorms with kids.


St. Joseph Institute opened the Molloy Family Center to serve infants and children with hearing loss through early intervention, as newborn screening became available. 

circa 1985

Larry LeGrand became the first lay Board Chair, assuming the gavel from the CSJs.


Cochlear Implants were approved for children. SJI devised a cochlear implant-based curriculum. Available for children with the new technology, this curriculum included practices now established in deaf education, such as half-hour individual speech and listening sessions for every child in the school and the hiring of SLP’s for speech sessions.


SJI moves its campus to Clarkson Road.


SJI opens an additional campus in Indianapolis to offer early intervention services. The preschool program would open in 2002, and mainstream outreach services began in 2005.


SJIIndianapolis moved to its current facility.


SJI piloted iHear. Following the success of the pilot, services are offered full time.


SJIIndianapolis joined the State Wide Referral Network under First Steps, which then transferred to the CDHHE (Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education) network in 2013.


SJI transitioned its academic program, moving its St. Louis location to Brentwood. SJI Headquarters moved to Indianapolis.


SJISt. Louis re-opened Preschool services for children 3-5 yrs