CDHHE Network

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf partners with the CDHHE to provide birth to three early intervention services through the CDHHE Network. This First Steps agency provides services specific to deaf and hard of hearing children and their families anywhere in Indiana. Together, we work to ensure that families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing across the state have choices in communication and access to well-qualified specialists who enable parents/guardians to develop the best possible communication and language skills in their children.
The CDHHE Network includes a number of professionals who have demonstrated expertise in one or more of the following skillsets with infants and toddlers and/or parents/guardians: Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) development, American Sign Language (ASL) development, a combination of Spoken Language and Sign Language, Parent Advising, and Deaf Mentor services. These services can be added to other services (such as physical therapy) from your local First Steps agency. The CDHHE Network is committed to ensuring that each child’s Individualized Family Service Program (IFSP) is just that; individualized. The goal is to ensure that there is significant flexibility in what and how services are provided.
Through the CDHHE Network, St. Joseph Institute offers Listening and Spoken Language services both face-to-face and through iHear, all available through Indiana First Steps. Ask your First Steps Service Coordinator for more information about the CDHHE Network, or click here to access the Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education website directly.