St. Joseph Institute regularly hosts Professional Development opportunities – from webinars to workshops, from college courses to coaching – all over the world.

SJI is dedicated to helping professionals in the field learn, apply, and hone new skills that will help families and students succeed. We offer a variety of training opportunities in partnership with universities, state agencies, and national organizations. In addition, we can be available to offer direct training to professionals in school districts, including on-going coaching and mentoring.

Here’s what we are doing now……


“Singing for the Brain!”

Barb Meyers, MA,Ed. CED and Judy Odendahl, MAEd, LSLS Cert AVEd recently presented to The Low Incidence Institute, a subset of the Pennsylvania Dept of Education Professionals.  The topic centered on recognizing the positive relationships among singing, music, and enhanced plasticity and relevance to development of auditory processing and spoken language.  Participants were asked to synthesize the information they learned using a familiar tune working as groups.  “Singing addresses specific language goals and utilizes auditory verbal strategies,” says Judy Odendahl. “It focus on development of speech, breath flow, and supports phonemic awareness,” continues Barb Meyers.  “It’s just good way to invite children to become active participants.”  We know you want the songs and maybe even the PPT so click on this link to view.

Happy singing!


SJI Judy O returns from teaching in Vietnam!


Judy Odendahl, MAEd, LSLS Cert AVEd, recently returned from teaching in Da Nang Province in Vietnam.  In cooperation with the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss, Judy travels during the  summer to help new deaf educators serve the more than 180,000 children with hearing loss using LSLS based techniques.  “It’s really amazing to work with these young professionals,” says Judy.  “In Vietnam, it’s not unusual to find children still not diagnosed at 3 or 4 years.  While I was there, an infant was amplified at 8 and 1/2 months.  It’s unheard of and definitely different than our experience in the States where Newborn Hearing Screening occurs in every state.” The mentoring program, which began in 2010, has grown to support the country as a whole.  “Today, the teachers we initially mentored have mentees of their own.  It’s so exciting to see the growth, which in turn, benefits the children,” Judy exclaims.  We couldn’t be prouder of our SJI therapist!


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