SJI offers direct services to students in public and private schools to support the development of auditory skills, language, spoken communication, and the associated academic skills – especially literacy. Services can be delivered in person for students who live near our Indiana campus location, and are available elsewhere through tele-practice via iHear.

Areas of focus for direct services can include:

  • Assessment: assessing functional auditory skills
  • Auditory skills: discrimination of speech sounds, localization, listening in noise, listening to recorded or automated voice
  • Equipment management: identifying, describing, and learning to manage problems with amplification, coupling amplification to other technology
  • Self-advocacy: identifying and describing communication concerns, initiating the process of gaining assistance, recognizing and repairing conversational breakdowns
  • Language concerns: identifying and addressing issues with morphology, syntax, complex language, and pragmatics, as well as their impact on reading skills and academic performance
  • Academic concerns: assessing the impact of receptive and expressive language on reading and performance in educational and testing environments

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