109th session and a sweet goodbye

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Our iHear therapists build a close relationship with families not unlike home based therapists.  “I’m in their home a few times a week,” says Barb Meyers, CED and iHear therapist.  “I’ve had kids offer me ice cream through the screen, I’ve watched siblings work with my student in exactly the same voice I’ve modeled for them.  We are right there, seeing what goes on in a home and it’s really natural.  Occasionally, I’ve seen family members in jammies or…..ahem….other forms of comfortable clothes.  I’m privileged to be a part of their lives for a little while.”

This week, Barb completed her 109th session with Emersyn after working with the family since 2012.  “Every session we do show-n-tell and bring something that the other has to guess.  It helps build language and continues her progress with vocabulary,” reminds Barb.  But this week, the surprise show-n-tell was for Barb.  Emersyn’s mom had sent flowers to her office as a thanks for helping Emersyn and the family achieve their goals of language through listening. Good luck and keep talking!!