Busy summer, but still want to be sure your child practices good listening and spoken language? Want to be sure they maintain their present levels of reading, comprehension and math skills? No problem! iHear’s unique delivery system to families ensures your child can get the help they need while still attending all their camps, activities and family reunions. iHear is:

  • Flexible: Therapy can be scheduled when it is convenient for you and your child.
  • Individualized: Therapy goals created to meet your child’s needs and implemented by a teacher who has specialized in developing language through listening.
  • Coaching Model: You will also learn strategies that will continue the iHear learning process though out the day.
  • Lessons: Interactive lessons that are objective based that can either maintain a skill or practice a new skill.
  • Private: therapy is delivered through a secure, HIPAA compliant, high-speed internet connection.
  • Scholarships: Need based Scholarships are available!
“Not only was doing summer therapy through iHear convenient, my child was able to work on the skills he had learned through the school year. Thanks, iHear!”Mom in Indiana

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